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If you have been looking for a home on your own, you may have been relying on classified ads or driving through various neighborhoods in search of "For Sale" signs. A good Realtor can save you time and money by making your search easier and more efficient.

Realtors learn about available homes when they go on the market, and the best values may sell before they are advertised. Many agents often beat the sign installation crews to the property. An agent who has previewed available properties in the area can often save you time by matching your needs to specific homes. And by using the Multiple Listing Service, an agent can show you descriptions of all available homes in the marketplace as well as providing information on nearby public transportation, schools, shopping and recreational facilities.

Every purchase of a home involves a certain amount of compromise. When you are working with a Realtor, it is important that you give your agent a clear idea of your criteria and are flexible and which items you really must have in your new home. If you prefer a specific location, for example, discuss why you want to live in that neighborhood. The agent might be able to suggest alternative areas that offer the same amenities or convenience to your office.

How important is size? Do you really need four bedrooms or would three bedrooms work if there is a den for your home office? How much are you willing to correct with redecorating or remodeling? Are you willing to expand your price range by using an adjustable rate mortgage to increase your buying power?

A good agent will ask buyers a lot of questions so that they can use their time most efficiently and show only houses that are real possibilities for them.

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